Even if you're not an SEO expert, you probably know the basics of how to aquire Customer acquisition model from mini-programs. You can do so by constructing a link in your program's URL or taking advantage of the DisplayName setting. These are just two methods to help you direct more traffic to destinations other than the Mini Program Promotion Platform itself. There is an easy way to complete these two actions automatically with no coding or complex algorithm.

1. Live streaming of short videos:

If you're dealing with social live streaming, such as live music and sports. It's impossible to watch the live social stream in the mini-program without being redirected. By design, this product is not made to give users a way to view the broadcast in-app.

To get around this limitation and go straight into your mini-program from the UGC stream, you can use a virtual or private link with a special link code. This code will get around this limitation, so you can simply add it directly into your mini program's metadata.

In the above example, "UGC stream name" is your mini program's Display Name property value. This is a special setting that you can define to assign a title or unique identifier to your mini-program while it's still in development mode.

2. Docking:

Docking is important for helping your mini-program to be found. If you know that it's being used, it will receive links to your mini program. If no one is using it, then no link will be given and thus will not help the growth of your mini program. There are two ways to use this that can be done automatically with no coding or complex algorithm involved.

One way is by using Google analytics or by using the built-in Google tools in AdWords. Using AdWords, you can go into the Campaign Settings, and the Network tab to find a video option and set both the video upload duration and video quality controls.

3. Offline and Online docking:

This is a combination of the first two methods, allowing you to direct traffic away from the mini-program and do so in a way that seems more natural. This is a great strategy if you're trying to get more people to view your mini program.

The method works by first uploading a short offline video that redirects users of your mini-program to an alternate destination. Then you upload another video online with the same title as the offline video and tell Google that it's a playlist. This will help trick Google into thinking it's just one long stream of videos with no breaks or interruptions.

The third method is what helps your mini-program gain its value. This method is by far the easiest way to use and will help you get more users into your mini program. You can create a link for your mini-program that has a call to action or an event that users can see and hear.