It is time for you and your chicago escorts to start learning all about the best positions for oral sex. That is why they have compiled the best positions to perform oral sex like an expert. Therefore you will provide the best orgasms to all the girls with whom you have sex. Being one of the most pleasure-generating practices to make sex something much more incredible.

It is recommended that you pay attention to each of the postures to put them into practice easily. And once you perform those magical movements with your tongue, you will no doubt that the girl will reward you.

The best postures of oral sex to practice in adult service

These are the best positions when it comes to oral sex where they will have a greater diversity of positions and a higher sexual level:

  1. The banquet: it is rated as one of the best positions to have oral sex. You will have no doubts about the name once you read the following information. However, it is recommended that the woman who will receive oral sex should be somewhat flexible.

That is because her legs should be on the sides of her face, leaving her clitoris in the air. Her legs will be wide apart, and you will have the girl's vagina in front of her eyes. Therefore, it will be very easy for you to touch it and lick and eat it.

  1. The queen's chair is one of the best positions to perform oral sex having a perverse name. Here is a bdsm position, and it is about the woman having oral sex sitting on top of her mouth. But she won't drop all of her weight on your face.

This position guarantees driving any girl crazy, and she can send you as she requires and move. It is recommended for those girls who like to have their clitoris stimulated so that you focus on it. Being one of the most pleasant positions.

  1. The steward: in this position, the woman should be standing with her back slightly bent in front of her. At the same time, you will find yourself on your knees on the floor, being another of the best postures. It is important that you reach the vagina and clitoris well and can be helped with an element.

Don't be embarrassed to hold the girl's buttocks to have a clear path and for both of you to enjoy it. It is very intimate because no one will see their faces, and therefore they will not be able to restrain themselves from making gestures of pleasure.

  1. The 69 but from the side: the 69 is one of the best positions to have oral sex, but this time you will give it a different touch, and you will do it from the side. It is the same posture as the original, but they will turn opposite facing sides.

It will be more comfortable than the initial one because it will not have to bear the weight of the other, and they will be able to be more concentrated.

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Try these wonderful positions to perform oral sex on your date with your sexy girl for both of you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. This way, you will be sure to provide the best orgasms to each of the girls with whom you are being fully guaranteed. Start enjoying just one taste.